Do I Need Dry Cleaning For My Office Carpet?

With regard to there is a specific cleaning requirement by your carpet installer, you are not compelled to dry clean your office carpet. To decide when you need dry cleaning for your carpet, you need to weigh the following considerations:

1 . Is there electric wiring below or in the carpeted flooring?

If there is electric wiring below or around the carpeted flooring, it cannot be cleaned using the wet process or you would risk short circuiting your electricity. Some offices with electric wiring below the carpeted stage do not clean it at all, fearing to damage the electric wiring. This fear is no longer necessary since there is effective professional Dry Cleaning service Hampton, va available to dry clean thoroughly, without introducing any moisture into the ground.

2 . Do you want to protect yourself and your staff from chemical exposure by using organic products to clean your carpet?

Chemical type residue from carpet shampoo may remain in the carpet after shampooing treatment especially if it is not thoroughly rinsed when cleaning. If you want to minimize unnecessary chemical exposure in the office then dry cleaning using organic cleaning product is your answer.

Carpet cleaning using organic products like biodegradable maize and wood is equally effective, if not better, compared to floor covering shampooing, as these sponge like compound thoroughly absorb dirt within the carpet pile which would be discarded afre the wedding of the cleaning treatment.

3. Do you want the convenience of being able to use the carpet right after cleaning?

Common complains about standard wet carpet cleaning is the long down time because the it cannot be walked on after cleaning and would take about half a day for the cleaned carpet to become dry. Many companies choose to clean their carpets in the evening after all staff get knocked off so that it can be left to dry overnight.

But there are also offices that operate 24 hours 7 days every week. These companies often end up not cleaning their office carpets as they find it too disruptive for their operations.

Dry rug cleaning, as the name implies, cleans without using water. Your carpet remains dry throughout the cleaning treatment and carpet can be installed immediately after treatment is completed. This dry carpet cleaning method does not only give you the convenience of minimal operation disruption at the time of carpet cleaning treatment, you will also enjoy the health benefit from working in a clean and hygienic working environment. A clean floor helps to improve indoor air quality which in turn helps to reduce manifestation of illness caused by indoor allergens.

4. Do you read the benefit of carpet cleaning using energy saving method?

To lessen disruption, most conventional shampooing would be done in the late morning after staff leaves the office. Carpet shampooing would typically end by early evening and the Air Conditioner would be fired up over night to speed up the carpet drying process, so the carpet can be used the next day when staff returns back to office environment.

Leaving the office A/C switched on overnight incur a lot of energy and electricity bill. While carpet shampooing invoice definitely isn’t high, facility manager may overlook the additional energy usage and electricity bill incurred during overnight drying approach.

If you embrace energy saving practice to help save the Earth, then dry carpet cleaning is your best solution for your office rug maintenance.

How To Start Your Own Mobile Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Drop Off Business

Upper body and finally your own mobile dry cleaning service business, and work for yourself, part time, or full time. You do not need to own your own dry up cleaning store, to make money in the dry cleaning business. There are plenty of dry cleaning stores, all around town. You can training a deal with one, or several of them, and let them know you are starting your own mobile cleaning service. You will be choosing customers dry cleaning, from their offices, businesses, stores, and homes, and you will be bringing it in for cleaning, and you require a discount rate for quantity orders, you will be bringing them.

You could make up a flier, and contact company with lots of employees, let them know you are out front from such and such a time, and you take, and get their laundry, at those times. You could set up your own route, and work where you want to work at. You could invest the morning out picking up the laundry orders. Then, in the afternoons, you could drop it all off, and get the rest of the day off.

You would want to take advantage of all the free websites that let you post free classified ads built in, to help your business start off the cheapest. You can list your service for free on many directories, and in the yellow internet pages on the internet. You just might enjoy working for yourself in the cleaning business! You will love this business.